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Daniel Thompson

Daniel Thompson

Woodhaven, MI


I was born and raised in south (Downriver) Detroit, and I still live there. I grew up as the 4th of 5 kids to a teacher and stay at home turned real estate agent mom. I owe who I am and all my skills and artistry to them. My parents put a camera in my hands almost right from the beginning with my dad’s wait 60 seconds and pull inst-o-matic, then to my own 110 with a cube flash, and finally a point and shoot 35mm. To say the least I was hooked. My 3 older brothers and younger sister added their own special touch to making me the photographer I am.

My oldest brother, Dave, earned his degree in Math from Wayne State. What he taught me was work smart and to work out the problem (shot) in advance using the tools you have to work with. My second brother, Larry, introduced me to the magic of a SLR. He showed me how to use it, and what I could do with it. My youngest brother, Gary, was/is an artist, and taught me composition and creativity. My sister Lynette, well like it or not was more times than she would have liked was a modal for my learning. They all made me possible. I can’t thank them enough.

Since my start in freelance back at Carlson high school in Gibraltar, MI. After graduation I went Eastern Michigan University. I worked my way through school with 2 important jobs. The first of these jobs was with The Henry Ford (and Greenfield Village), of which I am a member, and fan of their annual Hallowe’en Nights, to this day. My other position was as a staff photographer and sales rep for Auto Trader. I couldn’t believe it. I got paid to shoot pictures…a dream fulfilled. I was also doing other freelance work for others, too. After I graduated I landed a studio manager position with a big box store photo studio. I both loved it, and hated it. I got to go to work and shoot pictures all day. The problem I was having was that I was limited what and how I was shooting. It was becoming too much a job and was killing my passion. I left to something else, and decided to limit myself to shooting what I want, and working with people that will accept letting me do that for them. I am much happier now.

My life has much more to offer than what I have put here. I am currently working in the insurance industry to pay the bills, and help people at the same time. My photography work can be seen at fine Art America, and on how-to blog, “How to take great pictures the Dan Thompson way.” I’m much happier being free to shoot when and what I want. Life is good.


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